47 Inexpensive Ideas to Save Yourself From Ugly Popcorn Ceilings

Planking the ceiling proved to be a wonderful option and actually saved us lots of repair work. If your ceiling includes asbestos, it’s most effective to get an expert asbestos removal service manage the job. Even though a popcorn-less ceiling may not boost the worth of your house, it vastly enhance its marketability. While taking down a textured ceiling isn’t that difficult, it’s a messy job that needs hard work and distinctive security precautions.

If you would like your ceilings to have a smooth finish, utilize a massive trowel to use the drywall compound when the texture is removed. Aside from the price tag, it’s also a fairly messy procedure and won’t guarantee your ceiling is going to be 100% texture free. Luckily, it’s simple to remove popcorn ceilings, and though it can be quite a messy and labor-intensive affair, the transformative results can produce the effort well worth it. After confirming your popcorn ceiling is stable and calculating the quantity of tiles you’re going to need, you’re all set to cover the popcorn ceiling.

Click the links in the event that you want to find the completed projects. Most DIY projects will be over-budget, and could additionally have a couple of bumps on the way. Plan accordingly, and don’t begin an important DIY project if you’re able to barely afford it.